This is the ten year anniversary of my acquisition of CRACKED Magazine, and though I gave up the ghost in this “debacle” back in 2004, there remains some unfinished business.

A rather serious “wrong” was wrought early on after my acquisition. On one hand,  conventional wisdom dictates that I “let this go.” And, to some degree, I have.

On the other hand, “chicanery” may still be occurring, though not connected with my own CRACKED experience.

One very big thing I did get out of this…an enlightening window into how some folks do business. As a result, this country’s economic collapse comes as no surprise. Not to me, anyway.

I saw it coming January of 2001.

I don’t want to write a ponderous, multi-part essay about the “CRACKED debacle.” No. I am leaning toward something more “short and sweet.” Far more effective.

Stay tuned.


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