Dick Kulpa is no scholar, but takes a dim view of so-called experts continually “confounded” over major issues like recessions, economic recovery, and of course, terrorists. Nonetheless, the cartoonist has taken this opportunity to throw in his “too sense.”

Having spent the past week cringing in fear over a suspected Al Qaida “plot”, has it occurred to anyone that, perhaps, the situation should be in reverse? THEY should be fearing what WE will do — to them — on these anniversaries.

Aren’t “WE” the superpower, and “they” the rag-tag street gang? And has this not been going on for ten years?  TEN  LONG YEARS? What is wrong with this picture? Did we not KO both Japan AND Germany in 4 years, back in 1945?

The answer lies in our “measured” response to what amounts to total war. We learned that trick during the Vietnam War, and we seem to have a really difficult time trying to unlearn it.

After these terrible attacks which indiscriminately killed fathers, mothers, daughters and sons,  I recall wishing I could have spoken to George W. directly, and my conversation would have gone something like this: “George, George, hear me out. We need to respond massively, unilaterally and unequivocally — now! The bad guys have to physically be ‘somewhere.’ If we cannot find them, we must target those countries that harbor them. Take out one city per week in “bad guy land” until the fiends are surrendered to us.

“I don’t think it will take that many cities “smoked” to get that message across to those who would grant sanctuary to these creeps. After all, WE were wronged. Innocents murdered, by animals with no reservation, no discrimination and no conscience.

“Most importantly, we need to send a crystal clear message to any and all, individuals, groups and countries, who would ever again dare contemplate such a terrible action against us.” THAT’S what I would have told George.

Obviously, we didn’t do this. Instead, we invested in quagmires, security excesses, loss of freedoms and probably bankrupted the country in the process. What the h—- did Saddam’s Iraq have to do with all this? Afghanistan was more on the mark, but sending model airplanes targeting individuals at the expense of a year’s salary per missile hardly strikes fear into those who continue to harbor these unconscionable fiends. Sadly, it took ten long years to nail Osama bin Laden, but the lesson learned by bad guys was not to stop perpetrating atrocities, but to pick smarter couriers.

We’re playing a game of chess against cheaters — on their terms — and results are fairly predictable.

The window of opportunity for a decisively massive response has long since vanished, and countries continue to harbor the bad guys and wannabes. Hopefully a new way of thinking will emerge, one that will lead to the eradication of gangs like Al Qaida and others, forever. Take the war totally back to Al Qaida and their ilk — and any country protecting them. Screw the borders. Dry up their support base. Make it unprofitable for anyone who openly or tacitly supports Al Qaida and its actions. “Innocent victims” are always regrettable, but when it comes down to it, it’s far better theirs than ours. This makes perfect sense to me.

Or do we have to wait for one of our cities to be nuked, something which seems to become more possible with each passing day?  Do I really want to go another ten years worrying about terror plots?

I don’t have the answers, but just as we’re all expected to function professionally in our jobs, I expect officials in government, all the way up to the top, to come up with answers. As my former boss, National Enquirer Publisher Generoso Pope once said, “I don’t want to be right, I want YOU to be right.”

A full decade of this Al Qaida crap is inexcusable.

september 11 comic strip

I rekindled characters from my 1975-76 Double Eagle and Co. comic strip to make this point. Click on this image to see more 9-11 comment cartoons.


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