Given the considerable controversy surrounding Sandy Hook over and above its tragic consequences, we’ve launched a poll which we hope will tell us what people really believe about this terrible event. What do you believe? Is Sandy Hook true or false?

Immediately after news broke of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, cartoonist Dick Kulpa shifted his drawing board into high gear, creating a poignant image thousands upon thousands of shocked and sorrowful viewers would share and repost on Facebook later that evening.

Since then, Brenda Erby Fudge has launched a vigorous campaign to memorialize the Sandy Hook tragedy, (with Kulpa’s approval and support),by placing this art on a postage stamp. In support of her superb and selfless efforts, this video was created explaining the thought processes that served to form that illustration.

In a bizarre simultaneous twist, videos surfaced declaring Sandy Hook to be a hoax — a “false flag” operation masking a real, far more sinister intention to disarm the American population. That is quite a story and if true, even more frightening than the actual event. Having heard a number of warnings from friends and others that all this is fabricated, we’re truly interested in hearing what YOU think. A poll is posted below, and you’re invited to log YOUR anonymous vote. What do YOU think about Sandy Hook? Real or Phony?

Your answers are anonymous.

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